Delivery Options Available

We delivery throughout the US northeast, including all of Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont.

Custom Modifications

On order feel free to hand us your custom needs, or just bring in an already owned container for upgrades and modifications.

Commercial Painting

Not only do we paint our own products, but we offer our commercial-grade painting for any of your own ventures in our large, OSHA approved, indoor paint booth.

Custom Fabrication

While we work on our own containers, we are able to fabricate your own parts and projects.

Our Services

Commercial Painting

We have a custom-built indoor paint booth, able to fit up to two large 40 yard dumpsters. With an industrial paint sprayer, we are capable of handling most any of your painting needs.


We offer bending services at our manufacturing site. Our machine is capable of handling most anything you can throw at it.


Our skilled welders and fabricators are capable and ready to put together most anything you desire with quick turnaround times and a competitively low cost!

Leasing Office Space

We are currently offering some space in our large newly renovated and updated office building, located at 40 Jericho Rd. Berlin, NH.