Our Products

Here at Presby Research Development & Manufacturing, we take pride in the multitiude of various containers we offer. From 40 cubic yard cable hook-lifts, to a two cubic yard rear-load, and even a bear-proof Wildlife Trash Safe. Each built with high-quality, locally sourced, rugged steel. Each built to perform, last, and be the best container for every customer.

Our Services

Along with our containers, we also have various services: Commercial-grade painting in our new large indoor paint booth, bending, and fabrication of any of your various projects and products. Office space is available for rent at our loaction. We are looking forward to creating new partnerships with you.

About Us

Presby R&D Manufacturing is a locally owned Presby family company. Operating out of Berlin, NH in the northcountry, we primarily serve New Hampshire, Maine, and Vermont. Currently our company is making various high-quality and rugged containers. We are also working on our very own patent that will help companies improve workplace safety relating to loading and unloading heavy loads on flatbed trucks and trailers.

We also offer various services such as fabricating your steel products and materials, commercial-grade painting, steel cutting, and bending. As such we will partner with you to aid in developing and manufacturing your own products.

If you are interested in doing more work on your own but need resources, we are renting office spaces at our location, 40 Jericho Rd. Berlin, NH 03570.

Our Other Companies